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Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds is our main product! Each indoor jungle gym design have unique characteristic and function. The original play components are made by hot galvanized diameter 48mm pipe. Supplemented with soft play sponge, ball pool, climbing wall, trampoline, slide and other sports programs. We make unique design according to your commercial floor plan. Easy on installation (click below image and see better of our kids indoor playground)

Once kids entrance a theme indoor playground, they will fell like entering into a brand new natural world. There labyrinth, marine life, strange looking animal, virgin forest, ball pool. Exciting slide are natural physical represent. Children stay in this polychrome wold, Their Curiosity and exploring desire will be satisfied greatly, and their abilities of cognition, judgment and problem-soling will be developed completely and advance fully. 

JiaYuan playground already provide indoor jungle gym over 60 countires, some playground may near you, find the map by click contact us, bring your kids and have good familty time!

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