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My town (New design)
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My town (New design)


Kids role play games

Code: HP-B1801


Size(FT): 9.3x7.2x8.8

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Kids role play house&games (My town Playground) is new play equipment. Role play is an irreplaceable part on child develpment help kids ge into character and imitate the normal life of adult and fictional performances, help them creativity comunication, build confidence, problem sloving both physical and spiritual. Aware of real life, learn and make friends by role play.

Kids role play games 01Kids role play games 02Kids role play games 03Kids role play game 04

Role play in real look like

My town (Kids role play) 01My town (Kids role play) 02My town (Kids role play) 03My town (Kids role play) 04

My town (Kids role play) 05My town (Kids role play) 06My town (Kids role play) 07My town (Kids role play) 08My town (Kids role play) 09My town

Design for reference


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