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Playground 50-100m2


Baby Playground Equipment

Code: HP-A2001


Size(FT): 32x24x17.3

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Why Need More Baby Playground Equipment inside Indoor Playground

Today Baby Playground Equipment play very important role in kids lift, the expansion of set up new play sets are increasing rapidly worldwide. Now in Shanghai have more than thousand of spots have kids indoor play equipment, this phenomenon not just in big city, some small county and town in rural area also followed.

Located at Wenzhou city famous as production base of kids outdoor and indoor playground. We know exactly the history of playground, fifteen years ago only have private kindergarten need soft play equipment and outdoor playground made by fiber glass for public school. Only at big city, over that time lot of oversee clients looking for plastic play structures from China, so few factory start to make modern commercial playground equipment. Then years ago have some business man see the prospect of running Baby Playground Equipment business, lot of people are follow. Now it is big business all over the country.

People are now paying more attention to children’s need, thus their voice of building more comfortable and entertaining indoor playground is also on the rise. Manufactures are racking their brains to come up with ideas to produce more enjoyable place for kids. and it turned out that among all the different devices that kids prefer soft play equipment more.

The first reason is related to convenience and comfort. Soft play equipment have soft surface have sponge under the PVC leather, under the sponge layer is wooden frame. So the touch is good and cannot hurt our young players. Because made by wooden, sponge and PVC, so not heavy and easy to combination, can create on many shape, kids can explore the function by themselves. Soft play equipment will be light, soft and cheap compared with hard metal equipment. Though it not as endurable as metal equipment, it will not cost too much to change new ones. Kids are love the new and loathe the old, new things always attract children’s attention. In addition, PVC leather on surface is water proof and easier to clean. It is movable and can be put down, will not take too much place if out of use because it is movable.

Baby Playground Equipment will provides safety environment, kids not easy to get hurt as metal equipment with hard surface. Kids always play very wildly, they have not conception on dangerous, it is not easy to control by adult, sometime they just forget about the rule. So the best way is not by guidance but by better play events.

Tip: When manufactures said soft playground means any shape of play equipment made by PVC leather, wooden and sponge are including. It is could be seesaw, balance beam, ball pit, bench, climbing board etc....

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