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High quality Soft Play Equipment from Jiayuan playground 
Soft Playground owner need reliable playground supplier. Jiayuan playground company is your good choose, As one of the earliest indoor playground supplier in China market, We start indoor playground since 2000, we keep change the material and technology for indoor play equipment, We guarantee using good net and mat, We only use PVC coated cover not sponge cover. High quality material keep you system running well. 

That is key keep you play system sustained success. That is key your play centre not suffer frequents system down. Jiayuan playground has been the most trusted supplier of indoor and Trampoline park, to know more about trampoline park you can click Here.

There are huge different on quality, Choice you supplier carefully will help you Save worry Save trouble!

Competitive price ! 

For home indoor play area or commercial indoor playground, Save cost is benefit for playground owner, Shortcut way is buy direct from supplier! Owner no need to pay extra cost to agency or any dealer, Angel playground export directly to you. 

Jiayuan playground located at the most advanced industrial area (town of playground, Wenzhou China), All accessories are produce by Jiayuan playground or near our industrial zoon. Which provides the foundation of highly efficient and low cost! Jiayuan playground pass these cost saving to our clients. That is how competitive price coming! 

Service and support 

You will fully understand after communication with us what exactly support from Jiayuan playground term, What is the different with other manufacturer on playground business! 
We walk you throng every stage form generating ideals on design until indoor play area open for business, Our service even beyond the product itself! Read more how we do by click (Project)

Regarding to outdoor play! You need to understand what kind of pipe, technologe on painting and fastning! What kind of LLDPE and thickness.... 

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