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Soft Play Installation
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Soft Play Installation


(Contact for better instruction) 

We constantly save cost for our clients by make the installation process as easier as possible.

For very large indoor playground, (play structures) bigger than 150m2 and 4.5m high, installation will be done by our technician, we has dedicated, well-trained team who have the skills and knowledge to execute the installation, A proper installation is important for kids playground, have to consider safety, longevity and appearance look! 
For smaller indoor play structures, We suggest buyer do the installation by themselves
we guarantee the installation details as clear as possible and immediately response during the installation if get any problem by Skype, phone, Whatsapp and email! 
First, Before delivery we will assemble iron parts and plastic parts in our factory, holes will be drilled, fastener will be screwed. Bridge will be put on, tunnel will be cut on right size! 

Second,we will take photos and send to our clients before residual payment.

Third, we will mark numbers on parts then make 3D installation diagram, Number on 3D diagram match with components.  

Check bellow video and Example, for more details information please send us email!

Example HP-A3004


1, if the playground have three floor, you need to clean the place and put the EVA mat on floor first! If only two floor, you can assemble the frame first then lift the frame and put the EVA mat on floor.

         Frame mean iron pipe only                                                         EVA mat

Do the installation one floor by floor, (floor one, floor two...). Start with the vertical pipe.


2, We have marked numbers A1, A2.... B1, B2 on the frame, So find all vertical pipe by number and height, If the playground is 280cm, Then all vertical pipe are 280cm (vertical pipe will not cut to shooter size), (Each vertical pipe have a yellow foot platform under it)

Numbers on 3D installation diagram and on Vertical Pipe.                                                        Foot platform


Most of horizontal pipe are on size 113cm, that mean no need to find the one between A1 and A2, anyone with same length will be fine.


3, Join the horizontal pipe with (vetical pipe from first floor) by Fastener.

All fastener already on the vertical pipe, (we have assembled before delivery and keep it on), If do have missing during delivery, find it on spare parts.

On installation diagram have show each fastener by color, ( same color mean same fastener)

Do not worry the height of horizontal pipe to ground, can be adjust any time.

Fastener which join all iron pipes                                             3D installation diagram for first floor

Compare the fastener on Iron pipe with installation diagram, All correct then go for second floor.


4, Assemble bridge on first and second floor, These bridge have horizontal pipe on it. Just move to the correct position and join to vertical pipe.

This kinds of bridge are whole pieces, (pipes and strip cloth already assembled and packing together),

         Bridge one                   Bridge two                 Bridge three         Bridge four              Bridge five


5,After finished all horizontal pipe, cover the top. On installation diagram many mark with many color, one color mean is whole piece. So all long pipe with out fastener on it are for top.

Horizontal pipe on top 

6, Assemble all plastic parts, like tube, slide. Assemble trampoline, shooting game, ball pit and all soft play (like platform, ladder, window, house with roof and rim for slide.)

7,Assemble net around the playground, on top, and any gaps that kids may go on wrong directly or fall. (check video to see how)

Net (may yellow or black color)                         string for tie net


8, Cover all iron pipe with PVC cover. (check video to see how)

                          PVC cover                                           Clip for tie the PVC cover 

INSTALLATION OF Trampoline park

 "Turn Key Installations" are provided for those organizations that do not wish to participate in the playground construction process. From digging the first "post hole" to putting down the safety surfacing, we do it all! 
Before delivery to abroad, Jiayuan play will assemble the full set and mark all parts with number. Just need to join the same number together to finish the assembly. 
Angel Play will provide a detailed installation instruction to organize your volunteers build the playground, lending expertise throughout the process. This will save your organization "hundreds" and, many times, "thousands" of dollars, when you utilize our knowledge plus your labor!


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