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Toddler Playground (Age2-5)
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Toddler Playground (Age2-5)

Toddler play including many kinds of small toys that bring variety games for indoor playground.

Toddler play also can build separately as a play area for toddlers from 2-6 years old. Kids under 6 years old not brave as kids from 6-12 years old. Some play system may too dangerous for kids under 6 years old, Separate on different area can protect them well from big children.

Toddler play including seesaw, spring ride and jumping balls, distorting mirror can satisfy kids curiosity, plastic house and similar product like tree house and kitchen. 

Toddler play also including small size slide and ball pit, these toys are good for home use. 
Shoes shelf, glove shelf, fence, table and chair also are toddler play equipment which as side-line product for indoor playground.


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