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Family Entertainment Center G3.0

Code: HP-B1901


Size(FT): 148x125x22

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In this page have two projects which for Rush Park 3 and Rush Park 4 in USA (Phoenix &San Antonio)

Video One

Video Two

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Fun play aea indoor

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different on principle design

process and matericals

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The discoverer and leader ---JiaYuan Playground

Generation 3.0 Family Entertainment Center

As the first one bring the newest conception and update kids soft playground to generation 3.0.

The JiaYuan Playground has created new ideals and future designs for the Children's Play Center.

On the one hand, the principle design is different.

G1.0 is about play equipment :

From outlook, it is hard to say what is different of each Generation, but actully is very much different from staring point.

A,G1.0 not consider the floor height. Each floor is flat with rise and fall, and not good for parents to pass even on the first floor.

B,A single theme is usually fatigued.The G1.0 playground usually used single theme(Jungle theme, Ocean

theme,Space theme...) Theme playground is fiting of small kids playground, but for family entertainment ceter

is not a best choose. The simple color will make the space look cheap and dull. Meanwhile G1.0 also not

consider the wall paper.

C,Kids will feel boring, because the G1.0 playground was lack of play elements, only easy games and not

arrange reasonable.

D,Security: The only useful thing about G1.0 is cheap. In terms of materials and manufacturing technology.

G2.0 is about Variety

Looking around! The one which have good busniess always with variety, simple soft play or trampoline park will not survival. The biggest change of G2.0 is variety. This generation help the owner win the compete. Player will have experience on rise to new heights. Kids and parents could enjoying happniess together.

The G2.0 have big improvement on color and play elements, the color be in line with aesthetic.

G2.0 also consider the wall paper, decoration, party room, furniture,coffee area,dining area and drinks...

G3.0 is about Imagination

The improvement of G3.0 not just on playability, it is about satisfation of player.Only designers who have been more than 5 years old design experience can help create something that looks like it from future. Player will be "WOO unbelievable" on them fist step os enter into G3.0 playground inside.

In G3.0 we consider from floor to ceiling. We even cancel the EVA mats and replace by soft pad with print.

On the Other hand,Process and Materials.

Materials and QC Guarantee your Investment

G1.0 is Cheap

G1.0 is Cheap and can be cheaper, It is cheap from inside and outside.
Outside: The pipe is cold galvanizing with wall thickness 1.1-1.5mm (rust and easy bend), not using Anti-climbing net, using PE net,
replace metal footplate by plastic without anchor, iron fastener get rust before delivery, non-woven fabric ribbon, foam cover not
fireproofing. small plastic ribbon get broken on cold weather, Using 500D, 0.35PVC, Easily deformed (EVA mat , balls). shooting
games get stuck and short shooting range. short quantity on balls, foam.PVC foam no slope cut, No wooden board on front,
no anti-climbing net, jumping bed no double protection. This is endless list....

Inside: Struction not friendly to player, Inner pipe with 118cm, all platform with big gap, triangel trimming make gap even big.
obstacle place on unreasonable location. steps with no protect, Plastic slide replace heavey duty fiber glass slide, not using any
sponge only foam, wooden only 1.2-1.5cm. connection for bridge, tunnel, slide, obstcle illogic arranged.....

G2.0 is durable --- G3.0 is Comfortable.

It is costly to open kids indoor play center, Hight quality product will protect your investment.
it is also high return business, One time investment and low maintain.
Our material are special customized, we select durable material only and do all test before using it.

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