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playgrounds for sale

Code: HP60925


Size(FT): 28.2x25.3x17.4

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Angel playground have best outdoor playgrounds for sale, this themed playground equipment with high quality plastic and steel components. Welcome to consult on line!

Product name: playgrounds for sale

Specification (cm): 860x770x530

Theme roof, slide, plastic tube with transparent part, net tube, theme panel, square steel deck, steel post, climbing board, stair, color bridge...


A. Plastic component: LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)

B. Metal component: Galvanized steel pipe

C. Post: galvanized steel pipe with normal thickness 2.0mm

D. Deck, stair: Steel plate, plastic powder coated or PVC coated;

E. Fasteners: SS304


1), Food grade plastic used for our toys. With wide color range available.

2). With EU standard EN1176 GS safety certificate

3). Experienced toy manufacturer which supply toys to world wide customers for 21 years.

User age: 3-12 years

Used for: Preschool, residential play area, Amusement park, kindergarten, shopping mall, restaurant, backyard...


Steel components: Cotton fabric and PP film.

Plastic parts: Bubble bag and PP film;

HS code: 9506900

Warranty Period:

5 years for plastic parts, steel posts,metal decks and stairs; 3 years for steel component.

Notice: Now design according customer play area available!

Outdoor Playground in Community Helps Kids to Build up Their Friend Circle

People living in this society can't live by their own; they have to make connection with others. Human beings are born with the nature of socializing with others. Even in the pristine time, our ancestors lived a tribal life. While in today's world, with the introduction if modern technology, people have already invented something that enable people to connect with others without seeing them in person- the chatting apps. Though people's friend circles are expanding fast, they know few of the names input in their phone. What's worse is that adults seem to be accustomed to making friend with their phone that they show little passion to go out with their kids to help them search for their friends. Kids are lonely. Therefore, it is of great importance for parents to hang out to the outdoor playground with kids.

On the one hand, outdoor playground is one of the most efficient ways for kids to make friends in the same community. Nowadays, living in the city is like living in every separated cage, the walls, and the windows divide people into different parts of the whole. I once knew a little boy who lived in the 22nd floor of a tall building in the center of a city. His parents are both teachers and seldom have time to be his company in workdays. So from Monday to Friday, he stayed at the nursery school. However, at weekends, the boy finds himself having nowhere to go and no one to play with. I think this is the problem of most kids in large cities. They don't have a friend circle. As parents, you should really spend more time with your kids in the outdoor playground in your community.

On the other hand, children's friend circle somehow leads to the appearance of the parents circle. Parents who hang out in the outdoor playground in the community with their kids will more or less make friend with other parents. Once the kids become good parents, so will the parents. After people setting up a relationship with others, there will be less barrier between them, which means that the distance made by doors and windows are gradually disappearing in the whole community. And all the changes are caused by the outdoor playground. Is it amazing?

In a nutshell, outdoor playground is the hidden treasure in the community. People will benefit from it if they put it into good use by having it function the role to gather the kids together. And What's more worthy is that the kids would get a friend circle in their own community and parent would be involved in a parents circle, too.


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