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New Outdoor playground



Code: HP60830


Size(FT): 46.2x23.6x17.4

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This playground take huge place, have three different roof, five slides from different height. joined color single slide and one double lane slide from height 80cm, one double lane slide on height 120cm, one S-open slide on height 140cm and one big S-closed slide from height 240cm. Also with balance beam, monkey bar and many other play events inside this design!

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Slide,screw,tunnel,roof,slide, bridge,deck,platform,stair, swing, hanging parts


50m2 about 10- 30 children


Diameter 114mm galvanized pipe (thickness 2mm)


Import LLDPE (thickness 6mm)

HS code


Safety Mat

Rubber mat with thickness from 2cm to 5cm


3D Installation diagram with real photo

Leading time

12 days,


ISO, TUV-EN1176, CE etc...


Best service and high quality, We solve problem not avoid trouble any time during order!

User Ages

3-12 Years old kids


Standard export package

Outdoor Playground is a Good Place for Children to Enjoy the Autumn

The scorching summer finally get out of our life, following the lovely and cool autumn to our life. Autumn, as we all know is a pretty good reason for outdoor activities, every year, more and more of people choose to travel or relax in autumn. After being stocked in indoors for the whole summer, the outside world seems to be full of attraction to them. The sun is warm and the wind is soft and cool, the only disadvantage is the air is a little dry in this very season. Children have spent the whole summer at home or in the indoor playground. Now is time to encourage them to have fun in the outdoor playground and get the chance to shower in the autumn sunshine and to breathe the fresh air outsides rooms. Outdoor playground, as far as I'm concerned, is the best place for kids to do after school activities.

Firstly, outdoor playground is the most convenient and economized place for kids to play activities. Within the large space, kids are able to do whatever they like to do, like riding a bicycle, running around with their partners, flying a kite and so on. And what's the most important is that they are able to set their view on the outside world rather than on windows and walls. They will gain the sensibility of freedom after the tiresome task and study in class room for the whole day.

Secondly, getting some sunshine is of great benefit to their health. Missy kids nowadays are get ac undimmed to living in the place with air conditioners which would adjust the indoor temperature to a comfortable degree that fit them well. There has been a survey researched that staying in the places where air conditioners keep working all day long are more like to catch physical diseases than those who don't. Kids, as the group of people whose immune system has not well developed as adults are more inclined to get diseases in their body. Therefore, it is not only necessary but also important to take kids to the outdoor playground to breathe the fresh air.

Last but not least, outdoor playground provides kids with more chances to become active and enthusiastic about life. Most of our adults treat our kids as the happiest group of people all over the world, however, they ignored the fact the kids nowadays are no more in such state due to the pressure that parents laid on their shoulders. Kids feel depressed and sometimes even feel sad about life because they didn't feel happiness in their childhood.

In a word. You'll never regret for getting your kids to the outdoor playground to have fun in this beautiful autumn day.


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