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Mini playground equipment


Playground Equipment Thailand

Code: HP-A1538


Size(FT): 18.4x15.1x11.8

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Anti-UV Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment CE TUV for Residential Play Area






Roof, Slid, Stair, Platform, Plastic Panel, Climbing, Foot-plate, Fastener,stainless steel screw...


4.Environmental protection
5.Color is not easy to fade


10-30 Children


LLDPE (thickness 6mm)


Diameter 114mm galvanized pipe (thickness 2.2mm)


With Diameter-60mm, Diameter-32mm, Diameter-25 mm, thickness of 2.2 mm steel.


Installation diagram with real photo


ISO9001, TUV-EN1176, CE Etc..

HS code



Rubber cover on stair and platform available


Standard export packing
Plastic parts: bubble bag and pp film
Iron parts: cotton and pp film

User Ages

3-12 Years old

Leading time

12 days

Outdoor Playground Is a Free Store That Sells Happiness

Nowadays, with the promotion of family income and better living standard, children are endowed with a variety of accesses to entertainments, like mobile phones, computers, amusement parks, supermarkets or movie theaters, however, these things lack the ability to keep them in high spirit and to cultivate their characters and at the same time, they cost you a lot of money. Almost all the parents neglect that there are quite a few places for entertainments that are both free and beneficial to your kids---the outdoor playground. There are many outdoor playgrounds of different kinds around their homes but 90% of them are neglected, and the chance of enjoying them time in the free, quiet and open ground was also wasted. Parents hold the view that leisure and happiness brought by outdoor playground will never overpass that brought by other things like amusement parks or the cell phones. Is that true? I don’t think so.

To begin with, outdoor playgrounds provide them with more chances to play. Other entertainment places usually charge you for a fee when you want an entrance ticket or want to enjoy their services and the equipment inside. Thus, parents will not take their kids to these places as often as possible, while things in outdoor playgrounds are totally different, they have not only a position advantage, but also a cost advantage, kids can go there at any time they like.

Secondly, outdoor playground is the best place for kids to make friends with kids who live in the neighborhood, if you have the only child at home and your are too busy to spare time to play with them, then you can take them to the outdoor play site near your home, find him or her a friend that they can always play with, they will be happier because their everyday life were added with something beautiful---new friends next door.

Last but not least, outdoor playground helps to cultivate their mind. We all know that with the pervading of on line chat, communications face to face are becoming more and more difficult; an ear to ear chat is very important and necessary between parents and kids. And the outdoor playground is a nice place to chat with your kids without all the embarrassment.

All in all, outdoor playgrounds are more than a small playing area for kids; on the contrary, the role that they play in children’s life is far beyond your imagination, and what is more important is that they are more like a free store that sells happiness to kids. So, do you think outdoor playground is important now?


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