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Playground Equipment Poland

Code: HP-D1502


Size(FT): 36.1x24.6x14.8

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What about Holding Public-Service Activities in Outdoor Playground

Traditional education tends to isolate students from society and fail to prepare them well enough for their future. Parents though they are giving them the best education and failed to realize that the education system is actually hinder their development in some aspects. What kids need is more than knowledge from textbooks, public-service activities should also be added to their daily life so that they can learn something different. However, there arises a problem that what kids of public-service should they attend as a vulnerable and powerless group in the society? Therefore, children’s playing area like outdoor playground should join in to make a contribution to hold some public-service activities both for fun and for kids to learn some experience of doing well for the society. What’s more, holding public-services also benefit outdoor play center itself because it overpass many other outdoor play centers in giving kids something more than just playing.

On the one hand, public-service activities can serve to improve children’s sense of responsibility. Children, as the pillar of our society, must acquire the ability of taking up the responsibility of their own. The character of responsibility is the life-long treasure that one will benefit from. The sense of responsibility can’t be learned in schools, but in real life practices. Therefore, the public-service activities in outdoor playground work better that school.

On the other hand, outdoor public-service activities held in outdoor playground will make it more accessible to children to join to make social contribution. Outdoor play structure is so convenient in our life that every kids can come and play, public-service activities, as an important part of our society, if only held in former situations and far away from the life of normal people, how can they get a chance to access it?

Last but not least, children will be less nervous when they take part in such a helpful activities. It well received that a strict situation often nervous kids and they will feel frightened at the people or at the whole surrounding, which will even remind him of schools with strict teacher, which will lead to their failure of understanding the whole activity. However, if it is in outdoor playground, a place they pay visit and have fun, the feeling of unfamiliarity and distance will largely reduced.

All in all, outdoor play center help to add many possibilities to children’s life and does a favor to make them a well development children rather than those solely equipped with knowledge. At the same time, an outdoor playground is also a good choice for fun for both kids and parents. Therefore, I hold the opinion that outdoor kid playground should hold public-service activities.

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