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Mini playground equipment


Playground Equipment Ireland

Code: HP-A1502


Size(FT): 12.5x16.7x10

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Small size outdoor play equipment and larger size outdoor play structure on sale!






Roof, Slid, Stair, Platform, Plastic Panel, Climbing, Footplate, Fastener,stainless steel screw...


10-30 Children


LLDPE (thickness 6mm)


Diameter 114mm galvanized pipe (thickness 2.2mm)


With Dia-60mm, Dia-32mm, Dia-25 mm, thickness 2.2 mm .

HS code



Rubber cover on stair and platform


Standard export packing

User Ages

3-12 Years old


5.Color not fade


ISO9001, TUV-EN1176,CE...

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Let’s Go To the Outdoor Playground to Have Your Children Wheat

The summer, with a temperature of above 30 degree centigrade at eh beginning of June, is going to be very hot this year, there is no doubt parents will keep their kids away from any outdoor activities for they don’t want their kids go get brown or fall ill under the burning sun. Children are fettered in the house or in the personal nursery where there are air-conditioner to cool the hot air down, so some kids may never wheat for the whole summer. Such action reminds me of the flowers in the greenhouse, which look good from the outside, but actually easy to get withered once placed in a natural environment. Therefore, in my opinion, it is necessary to bring some outdoor activities into their life, and the outdoor playground at your neighborhood will be a good choice because you can go eh these outdoor playgrounds at dawn or dust without worrying about the burning sun or the transportation. And what’s more important is that your kids will wheat while playing in the outdoor playground, which is of great beneficial to their health.

First thing first, doing activities in outdoor playground cultivate their physical health. On the one hand, outdoor playground provides kids with activities of all kids with helps to exercise body form from different parts, such as their legs, arms or hands. These activities cost energy passion, which means that your kids will no doubt wheat while doing all these activities. Wheat is the best way to keep the balance of the digest and ingest of your body, to maintain healthy in your skin. On the other hand, children can get a chance to walk out of their home to have a deep breath of the air outside, though it is hot, they would not feel very uncomfortable.

Next, equipment and activities in outdoor playground light up their dull life and bring them with more interests and happiness. Children who stayed at home have nothing to do except reading books, watching TV, playing with small toys; these are far from enough to have them satisfy with their days. They are eager to play outside; to meet with their friends, forbid them from going outside is indeed hinder the way of finding happiness.

From the above analysis, I can safely draw a conclusion that the outdoor playground is of great necessity to children’s life. Hot temperature should never be treated as a reason to keep your kids away from all the activities outside, including the activities in the outdoor playground. On the contrary, it is of great beneficial to have your kids’ wheat in those outdoor playgrounds near your home.

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