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My town (New design)
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My town (New design)


play centre

Code: HP-B1609


Size(FT): 54x48.7x15

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This indoor playground in the Smurfs theme. The Smurf live in mushroom in jungle, so this design have mushroom roof and mushroom carousel. Have cartoon painting of smurf, this design even including a study room with kids table and chair, have a toddler play area which with wall game and soft play equipment.

Why Indoor Playground Equipment Help Kids to success

There are many factors that can lead to success; people of various kinds will choose their own way to success. In the society of material abundance, success has become the goal of many people. However, those who did not achieve their dreams, especially parents, would always shift their expectation to their kids. Therefore, kids were deprived of the right and happiness in playing in the indoor playground. As far as I'm concerned, activities in the indoor playground equipment can also be an important factor to boost their success. For example, if the kids are in bad mood and feel resident of doing what you want them to do, then parents can use indoor playground as a kind of encouragement as a reward to light their spirit up. In a word, it is not coerce that lead to the final success, but freedom combined with confirmation.

First, not all hard work leading to success. I remember last year there was a piece of news that a primary school student suddenly died at the moment he was having a morning class. This news was a shock to me because I later learned that it is because of the pressure given by both the school that leading to his final death. Such things are common in the society of China, we all know who is to blame for the disaster, but none of us stand out to resist it. At least, I think, parents should give them more freedom, such as taking them to have fun in the indoor playground. Let the kids playground work on a useful tool to release them from their burdens.

In addition, it is not the expectation from parents but the intention in the Heart of children to make achievement and be different that plays a more important role in the contribution of success. What parents need to focus on is not to tell them what and how to learn, but to work out a way to have the kids realize the significance of success in their life. Yes, everyone knows it is important, but is there anything to do with the indoor playground equipment? Of course it does. You can find them a good partner in the indoor jungle gym that is better than alone. Then kids may follow them to behave better.

In summary, no one else is entitled to claim to be the only determine factor in person's promising future. Therefore, why not give them back the happiness in indoor playground equipment? Perhaps the function of playground in cultivating successful kids’ works better than that parent does.


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