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Code: HP-JB002


Size(FT): 131.2x98.4x11.5

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Should Indoor Trampoline Park Provide Kids with Music to Relax?

Music is important to most kids. It is a way to get away from all of life's problems. Music gives teenagers a different way to think from the "normal" way. Some parents, however, would think that music have bad influence in their kids because they would form into the habit of being after their favorite music stars, imitating everything they do, for example, their lifestyle, eating habit, their way of wearing clothes, etc. while when considering the problem that today's teenagers are facing, like depression, being angry about life, lacking confidence..., music would no doubt be a cure to these problems. So I believe it is necessary for indoor trampoline park to play music for kids.

First of all, music has already been an indispensable part of people's everyday life. It is possible and common to hear music in schools, in streets, in food restaurants, or in supermarket. Music has been used as a kind of decoration for the beauty of our life. We need it not because a place is too quiet, on the contrary, we want it to make the environment "more noisy" so that people can feel at ease and relax. Music can also play the same role in relaxing and pleasing kids when played in the trampoline world.

In addition, music is a kind of art, since ancient time, our ancestors had created music, which was, however, used in most in poems. Poets preferred to sing their poems out rather than just read it out for the purpose of add deeper emotion to his work. And it did work to make it more touching when readers heard them. Though today we no longer sing songs written with poems, the function the music plays is the same in moving and comforting people. Songs are developing with our society and that is not a bad thing, all children, young or old, will benefit from it, let alone those in trampoline park.

What's more, playing music in trampoline park can inspire children's enthusiasm in learning music. There are many successful musicians or singers started singing due to the influence of pop songs. While it is a strange thing that parents would force their kids to learn a special instrument but forbid them from listening to pop music. They seem to have cut a live between traditional music and pop music. I felt it a stupid thought for adults to think like that. So in the indoor trampoline park, any songs that suit for kids can be played for children's happiness.

All in all, since there are so many advantages of music, how can indoor trampoline park keep it out of the door?


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