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Kids Trampoline


trampoline for sale

Code: HP-JC003


Size(FT): 41.7x23x9.8

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Top Sale trampoline park, free design customized trampoline, dodgeball trampoline, kids indoor trampoline

Size(m): 1270x700x300


Jumping Mat: Imported from United Stated

Foam Pad: EPE, waterproof closed-cell foam, not easy to lose shape

Pad: 0.45mm thick PVC, anti-water and anti-mildew

Tubes: Galvanized Steel Pipe, Powder Coated

Size: 50*100mm

Thickness: 3.5mm, can be customized

Springs:19cm and 21cm not extended length, super high-strength Chrome plated, of good elastic performance

Trampoline mat: Professional Olympic trampoline mats available

Age Range: Above 5 years old

Certification Approval: CE Certificate, TUV..

Packing: Cotton & Plastic film

Remarks: Kids should play under supervision and instruction

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Trampoline Park Can Prevent or Reduce the
Symptoms of Obesity

As we know, when we talk about trampoline
park, we must think that is a play equipments for children, and isn't for adults
to play. If you have this idea, you must be wrong. Trampoline Park is not only
playing equipments for kids, also for adults. Many people don't know the
functions of Trampoline Park. They just see the surface function of that, they
don't know deeply. Today I will tell you Trampoline Park can prevent or reduce
the symptoms of obesity.

With the development of the society,
people's life become better and better. The rapid development of the network,
people are becoming more and more like to use web services to help them to do
something. For example, cooking, shopping, and see friends. So they become more
and fatter because they don't like doing exercises. Internet can help them do
anything that they want, so they don't need walk out. From the time filed,
people were afraid of obesity. They don't do exercises and even do some
exercises can't help you to lose weight. They don't have any idea to reduce

From the problems, l will give you a very
good way to solve this problem. Compared with the regular sports such as
jogging, trampoline is more exercise to burn calories. Data show that jump ten
minutes is equivalent to consume more calories jog for half an hour. Therefore
insist for a long time to trampoline movement, help to promote the metabolism
and improve the fat oxidation, and relieve symptoms of obesity prevention. From
the condition, we can know solve the problem isn't very difficult, if we use a
right way, we will never be afraid of obesity. If we don't have more free time
to do some sports, we just use ten minutes to jumping on the trampoline park, we
can also to keep fit. Jumping on the trampoline park isn't very tired. This
action can save our time and also make us to keep fit.

We have no reason to put a trampoline park
in our home. If your room is very big, you can put the trampoline into your
room. If your room is not big enough to set up a trampoline park, we can put it
in your backyard. Trampoline is very good sport equipment for our lives. It can
help us to reduce the symptoms of obesity.

trampoline for sale


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