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Kids Trampoline
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Kids Trampoline


kids trampoline

Code: HP-JC001


Size(FT): 27.6x16.4x9.8

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Top Sale trampoline park, free design customized trampoline, dodgeball trampoline, kids indoor trampoline

Size(m): 840x500x300


Jumping Mat: Imported from United Stated

Foam Pad: EPE, waterproof closed-cell foam, not easy to lose shape

Pad: 0.45mm thick PVC, anti-water and anti-mildew

Tubes: Galvanized Steel Pipe, Powder Coated

Size: 50*100mm

Thickness: 3.5mm, can be customized

Springs:19cm and 21cm not extended length, super high-strength Chrome plated, of good elastic performance

Trampoline mat: Professional Olympic trampoline mats available

Age Range: Above 5 years old

Certification Approval: CE Certificate, TUV..

Packing: Cotton & Plastic film

Remarks: Kids should play under supervision and instruction

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Is it Proper for Children Stay in
The Indoor Trampoline Park for a Long Time?

As we know, indoor trampoline park
for kids is like a heaven with attraction that they cannot refuse going and have
fun there. It is something more than interesting for kids to play on the
trampoline beds or have fun with their playmates for the whole day. Unusually
parents would not allow their kids play in the trampoline park for long time,
they think that too much exercise is not good for their health, and they need
some time to develop other skills like swimming, drawing, playing the violin,
etc. So on the problem of whether kids should stay in the trampoline park too
long or not, people of variety kinds hold different views.

First, those who for it are mainly
parents who believed that kids have their own choice to do what they like and
what they want, kids at different age are supposed to do things that they should
do, rather than to start it earlier or later, they would be doing the wrong
thing at the wrong time. Today's parents would always push their kids to learn
something ahead of time for they want to see their kids win at the starting
line. This is common character of today's parents. However, this kind of
education doesn't win assent from the group of parents who would have their kid
grow naturally. So they would agree that it is proper for their kids to stay in
the trampoline park no matter how long they want.

While the other group of parents
hold the view that it is necessary to have other kids learn the truth that too
much is not always good. Too much time spend in the trampoline gym would soon
get them totally become board with the activities, and at the same time they are
losing a lot of time to develop other skills that suits then better or to get
their other abilities promoted. While if all their time are spent in the indoor
trampoline, they will lose the chance to develop other skills.

As far as I'm concerned, it is
better for kids to choose how long they would like to stay in the indoor
trampoline park. Because kids are equipping themselves with lot of useful
skills. There are a lot of ways to learn useful things, including having fun in
the park. Therefore, we can not totally deprive kids of the chance to play, nor
can we limit their time in playing.

kids trampoline


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