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extreme trampoline

Code: HP-JA003


Size(FT): 85x66x15

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Art Changes People's Impression on Trampoline Park

Art is a deliberate reaction of a new and special reality that grows from ones response to life. It improves our existence by enhancing, changing and perpetuating our cultural composition. Art improves our lives by directly or indirectly lifting the moral of individuals, creating unity and social solidarity. Art is and can be whatever a cultural says it is or whatever that want it to be. It involves all people, those who conceive the idea of the work, execute it, provide necessary equipment and materials, and people who make up the audience for the work. Art is everywhere in our life, including the indoor trampoline park. And Art can give us a different view toward the outside world.

To begin with, art forms as diverse as architecture, body decoration, clothes manufacture... Briefly speaking, Art plays its role in decorating the world to make it more colorful and fun. Now cities build up buildings of various kinds reflecting different ideas of Art, their special shape, unimaginable structure as well as their materials are so amazing that people would admire their designers. Art has already changed people's life and their attitude creation. People may start to believe that everything seems to be impossible today may become true in the future. The same is true of Trampoline Park, as long as there are innovative art, changes will be happening there.

What's more, Art is a means of communion as well as communication. It provides pleasurable experience along with cerebral wealth. Art is no more than a form of beauty. Also a complicated way expressing the deep feeling of creator. Most time, however, most art creators are misunderstood by their audience or even suffer through an awkward situation of having no appreciator. But it is exactly the misunderstanding that leads to the mystery of Art. So today we use Art as a way to inspire people or please people but not for the purpose of having people really understand that. Art can add to the specialty of a place, including the trampoline park.

In conclusion, Art helps us to express our sentimental relations. It can beautify & surprise, stimulate imagination, inform, tell stories, and record history. As someone once said, “Art is life." Therefore, as parents is your job to teach kids about life throughout Art. You must have a penetrating comprehension ourselves of how Art affects our society in order to teach our kids to comprehend the complex purpose of Art. Art appeared in anywhere around our life needs to be treasured, let alone the Art in the trampoline park which would influence their sense of Art while they are having fun.


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